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Areas of Practice


Wills and trusts

Our attorneys are experienced in drafting wills and trusts designed to effectively dispose of your estate upon your death, avoid the need for probate court involvement (when that is your objective), mitigate taxation, and generally enhance the likelihood that your estate will be administered smoothly and without conflict.  In addition, we often incorporate provisions designed to protect the public benefits of disabled individuals, administer the inheritance of minors, and to incorporate other special provisions like second marriages, etc.

estate and trust administration

We assist with the administration of trusts and with the probate of wills and intestate estates, including the preparation of accounts for fiduciaries.

Probate litigation

Our attorneys are experienced handling will contests, fiduciary litigation, accounting disputes and other forms of trust and estate-related litigation before the Probate Division of New Hampshire's Circuit Courts.

Durable powers of attorney

Estate planning is as much about transitions during life as it is about transmission of wealth on death.  We draft effective durable general powers of attorney to ensure that your affairs can be effectively managed during any period of mental or physical incapacity.


In those cases in which an individual has become mentally or physically incapacitated without having first prepared a durable power of attorney or health care advance directive, the court appointment of a guardian is often the only alternative.  Our office is experienced in the court procedures necessary to secure a guardian for a disabled adult or where a minor is in need of a parental surrogate.

prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements

We prepare prenuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements, either in connection with broader estate planning projects, or as stand-alone projects.

health care advance directives

Most of our clients have strong feelings about whether or not they should receive artificially life sustaining medical treatment.  We prepare New Hampshire Advance Directives that clearly set forth your choices on that score, as well as ensuring that you will have an agent designated to manage your medical care if you are mentally or physically incapable of doing so yourself.

elder law and special needs planning

Our attorneys are experienced in planning for and protecting eligibility for public benefits and with other special aspects of planning where the elderly and disabled are involved.  This includes the drafting and funding of special needs trusts and planning associated with a nursing home or assisted living admission.

asset-specific planning

We are experienced in dealing with the special considerations that surround business succession planning and the transfer of heirloom assets such as family vacation compounds.