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Our Guidance - Your Legacy

You've landed here because you're facing one of life's transitions, and you're looking for guidance.  We are here to cast a light on the path and lead the way.  You have a list of questions.  We have answers.  We keep legal issues from complicating the lives of the people you leave behind.  We help you decide who will manage when you can't.  We help you design your legacy.

Wills, trusts, advance directives for health care, durable powers of attorney:  these are not documents you read every day.  We do.  We can write them for you and make sure you understand them.  We can work with your family to administer them.  And, if you or your family has arrived at a transition without having planned for it in advance, we can untangle the mess.  You are going through it for the first time, but we are not.

Collectively, our attorneys have been practicing for over thirty years.  We're experienced, but we’re also on the pulse of modern developments in the law, and we are positioned to give you exceptional advice and guidance.

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We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke